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Most of my work is made in sterling silver, sourced largely from Australian suppliers that use recycled silver.  Sterling silver is an alloy (mixture of metals) 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. 


It is the copper component that causes sterling silver to tarnish. This is a normal process and can be polished, there are also a few ways to prevent this which I have outlined below.  In addition your piece will also come with a small anti tarnish cloth you can use to polish.  This cloth should not be washed as it will remove the anti-tarnish properties.

Some ways to prevent tarnishing:

  • Wear your piece often.

  • Store your piece in a jewellery pouch or box,  as moisture in the air will speed up tarnishing.

  • Some people opt to store their pieces in an air tight zip lock back to keep moisture out. There are also anti tarnish strips you can buy and add to your jewellery storage.

  • Put your jewellery on last to prevents reactions with perfume, deodorant, hairspray, body lotions etc. 

  • Avoid wearing your jewellery swimming, in the shower or during vigorous exercise.

The sea glass pieces are made with silver plated wire which has been treated with anti tarnish,  however it will dis-colour if worn in water.

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